solar energy
Many businesses are making the move to solar energy, and with good reason. The use of solar panels on rooftops, or solar shade structures in parking lots, holds many benefits for any business. Major corporations like Walmart and Target are reaping the benefits, but small businesses can hop on the solar bandwagon as well. However, the benefits of solar energy are not only for businesses. Solar energy has huge benefits for the environment, as well. “Going Green” will not only be a good PR move for your business, but you will also be able to feel good about the positive effect you’re having on the environment and your community.

The Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

  1. Inexhaustible – In a single hour, the sun beams more than enough energy onto Earth to satisfy global energy needs for an entire year. There will always be more than enough solar energy available, unlike dwindling fossil fuels.

  2. No Greenhouse Gases – The primary cost of energy production is greenhouse gas emissions. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, the emissions from greenhouse gases are the primary human contributor to global warming. Burning fossil fuels emits greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, but the use of solar technology does not. Additionally, the manufacture of photovoltaic cells and other solar technologies is also less damaging to the environment.

  3. Can Be Temporary – Solar-powered lighting is a great option for temporary settings, like work projects, fairs, or mining sights, because it provides a reliable source of light without leaving a permanent fixture behind.

  4. Won’t Disturb Surroundings – Solar power systems are noise-free, which won’t disturb surrounding workers, residents, or wildlife.
The benefits of solar energy are far greater than just reducing or eliminating the electric bill of your business. Solar power is a good investment for your business, and a safe alternative for the environment.
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