Solar Shading Solutions

A PowerParasol® can go just about anywhere your imagination can take it – as long as there is an adjacent need for electricity. Parking lots, pedestrian walkways, public event spaces and parks, storage facilities, loading docks, hospitals, schools, stadiums, picnic areas, RV parks, grocery stores . . . you name it.

A PowerParasol® not only transforms space, it creates shade, lighting, security, climate control, and an opportunity for communications, promotion or advertising.

Here are examples of recent projects that show PowerParasol® in action:


Lot 59 at Arizona State University

A sun-baked surface parking lot for students during the week and a key location for tailgating prior to sporting events, PowerParasol changed Lot 59 from a last resort to a premium place to park.

“PowerParasol has provided us with outside-engineered space, that’s fantastically conducive to the kind of engagement that we want all throughout the year and, oh, by the way are electric power plants.“ – Michael Crow, President, Arizona State University


Fry’s Food Stores

Fry’s knew that its parking lots were an opportunity to improve customer service and impact the bottom line.

“The customers love it, I mean the availability of shade – that’s something that they can experience right away.” – Dennis Barr, Manager of Real Estate, Fry’s Food Store


Memorial Union at Arizona State University

One of the busiest spots on campus, PowerParasol changed the climate and the space where more students congregate than anywhere else – now more than ever.