How PowerParasol Works

We don’t just create solar power. We create solar environments. The difference is significant, and lies at the heart of everything that makes PowerParasol distinctive. When you talk about a solar environment, this is an entirely different conversation than talking about installing panels on a rooftop. The solar environment actually transforms your space, adds value to this space, and changes the way people interact with you. Rooftop panels just generate power. We do a lot more. You can take an area that’s exposed to the harshest effects of the sun, an undesirable, underutilized area, and use a PowerParasol to transform it into space that is sought after. Shade replaces glare. Temperatures go down, and comfort levels go up. People respond differently. They actually seek out the environment they previously avoided, or tolerated. This environment can be a parking lot, a public area, or any outdoor space where shade is a welcome enhancement. The value of existing structures is enhanced. As shade is provided, and as this solar environment changes the way your space is used, PowerParasol generates electric power.

How The PowerParasol Is Designed

students-under-Orange-PP_16x12The solar environment is designed to be congruent and complimentary to your existing architecture. We will integrate design features of the PowerParasol with your structures to reflect, respect, and incorporate their existing elements. The solar environment we create for you is site adapted and site specific. This is how we provide you with a strategic solution, not simply a structure.

How Power Moves Out Of The PowerParasol And Into The Grid

Solar panels mounted on the roof of the PowerParasol produce direct current. This DC electricity is converted to Alternating Current, AC, by an inverter. The inverter is integrated into the solar environment. The power, or “the load,” then moves from the converter into a transformer. It is the transformer that actually manages the power and controls its flow into the grid. You can see how much of a load is coming off the PowerParasol and going into the grid by looking at a meter. When a “net meter” is used, you can actually see it spin backwards, which means you’re not being charged for electricity by your utility company.

PowerParasol Gives You Only The Power You Need

top-of-1&4When we learn about your objectives and design your PowerParasol, we use a rightsizing process. There is no point in giving you the capability to generate more electricity than you can actually use. Given the regulatory economics of today’s utility industry, this is typically not cost effective. What does make financial sense is a source of electricity that meets your actual demand. Getting into the electric power business doesn’t make sense, but making your existing electric bill go away clearly does.

Designed To Last For Years

Thoughtful design, simplified construction, and efficient utilization mean there’s not much to do to maintain your PowerParasol. With minimal attention, it can outlive your existing structures. The solar panels themselves have a long lifespan, usually 20+ years. The primary maintenance consideration is the inverters. These may need to be replaced in 10 to 15 years. Because we locate these in the protective shade of the PowerParasol, they may last longer.

Where The PowerParasol Doesn’t Make Sense

If your space is small, less than 100 x 100 feet, the PowerParasol isn’t a good fit. And if all you want to do is generate power, and you’re not looking for an innovative way to redefine your outdoor space, we’re not for you. That’s because the PowerParasol is designed and built to do much more than simply produce solar power. It provides shade, enhances the value of your property, and transforms the way exterior space is used. It is not just a structure. It is a solar environment. It is how you leverage assets locked up inside your facility and your real estate. Assets that allow you to generate electricity and transform space that is underutilized into space that is prized. Find out more about how PowerParasol can transform your space.
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