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Is PowerParasol Right for Us?

A Distinctive Approach To Solar

Before We Bring In The PowerParasol Team to Talk, How Can We Tell If We’re A Good Fit?

Let’s start with your objectives. If all you want to do is generate electric power with solar panels, we’re not for you. That’s because a PowerParasol transforms your exterior space. It provides valued shade. It creates a space for people to gather that would otherwise go unused. And it can offer prized covered parking. But if your objectives include redefining both the perception and the use of your exterior space… If you would like to create a more positive and differentiated experience with comfort and shade… Your time learning more about PowerParasol will be time well spent.

Is There a Minimum Space Requirement?

The minimum size is 100 feet by 100 feet.

Is There Any Data We Should Collect To Be Prepared For Our First Meeting With The PowerParsol Team?

Four pieces of information would be helpful.
  1. Historical energy consumption from the facility we will “spin” energy into.
  2. Where your meters and your transformer are located. We’ll need to see where the transformer actually connects to the electric grid.
  3. The energy load for the prior 12 months based on kilowatt-hour consumption.
  4. The tariff and costs per kwh.
That’s it. Give us these four pieces of information and we can go to work calculating the load you need, and planning the right size for the solar environment. We do this with the goal of “rightsizing” your PowerParasol. There’s no need to inflate the size of your investment, and no need to produce power you’ll never be able to actually use.

Who In Our Organization Should Be Involved?

It’s good to have your key stakeholders engaged.
  • Business Owner, President or CEO
  • CFO
  • Sustainability and Green Initiatives Officer
  • Energy Manager
  • Marketing/Customer Experience Director
  • Building and Real Estate Director
  • Construction/Engineering Director

How Can You Help Us Determine The Financial Viability?

powerparasolsavesmoneyWe have developed a series of financial performance models that can be applied to your project. Each one allows for multiple projection scenarios. This process gives you the opportunity to compare alternatives and determine cost efficiencies. There are also “soft cost benefits” that are clearly more challenging to quantify, but significant. For instance, the competitive advantage a retailer secures by providing shaded parking can clearly impact store traffic and revenue. Another benefit… tangible evidence of your commitment to sustainability. Our financial modeling takes into account technical factors such as the dimensions and the siting of the PowerParasol. And if you’d like, we can look at options such as investment tax credits, or perhaps make an introduction to a financial partner, if there are scenarios where you may benefit from leasing rather than owning a PowerParasol.

If We’re Also Considering A More Conventional Rooftop Installation, How Should We Compare The Two?

This is an apples and oranges comparison. Please keep in mind that PowerParasol is a fundamentally different and distinctive approach. A solution that is highly integrated, and unlike a rooftop panel installation because of the way it redefines space. The shade it provides, and its ability to transform space that is rarely used into space that is highly sought, means that PowerParasol delivers an entirely different value proposition. It gives you all of the power benefits of a rooftop solar panel installation and more.

What About The Disruptions Of Installation?

frys_caissons_wide-viewWe’re not just sensitive to the opportunity costs and inconveniences of a construction project. We’re proactive in minimizing them. For instance, in a parking lot, much of the work we do can be staggered from section to section, and done in stages so disruption is contained. Because PowerParasol uses a “minimal point system” and we touch the ground as little as we can, work proceeds more smoothly.

If We’re Interested In Learning More, What’s An Appropriate Next Step?

Send us an email. We can quickly determine if your needs and our creative, distinctive approach align. And we can go to work on a preliminary site evaluation. This will give us an opportunity to learn more, be in a position to answer your questions, ask a few questions of our own, and thoughtfully advance our discussions.
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