01-11-2017: PowerParasol officer Mike Nothum winning submission in ENR 2016 Year in Construction Photo Contest.

While the team at PowerParasol is focused on delivering custom shading solutions to their clients, there is a festive atmosphere as we celebrate the recognition of Mike Nothum, our Chief Operations Officer while at the office but also an accomplished photographer, for his outstanding work in documenting the construction progress of a PowerParasol being built in vivid detail. Chosen among an amazing line up of photo submissions (check out the whole collection, link below), Mike’s photo captures a welder as he attaches a steel tab meant for mounting a solar panel onto a wide flange beam for one of our PowerParasols that was built at Arizona State University and has been providing acres of shade as well as millions of kilowatt-hours of solar energy all year-round!

Mike Nothum’s submission photo for the 2016 ENR Photos in Construction contest.

  Mike periodically updates our Facebook page (link here: https://www.facebook.com/PowerParasol) with photos like these that capture our construction projects from a unique perspective.   See the full submission (Mike’s is #27) among a collection of excellent winning submissions here:  ENR’s 2016 Year in Construction Photo Contest Winners
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