Solar shade structures make good use of the miles of parking lots that are lying uncovered around the U.S. Installing solar panel shade structures to absorb the sun’s rays will produce solar energy for the business that owns the parking lot. Utilizing solar panels in parking lots results in a huge saving for the business. Solar energy is an inexhaustible resource, and reduces or entirely eliminates the building’s electric bill. However, it’s not just the business that will reap the benefits of solar shade structures in parking lots.
  • Shaded parking – Nothing is worse than climbing into a stifling hot car that has been sitting in the sun for several hours. You have to crank up the air conditioning just so you can breathe. However, with shaded parking structures, cars will be protected from the beating sun, and will be considerably cooler. Not only will it be more comfortable, but it will save energy by not requiring extreme use of air conditioning for cooling.
  • Environmental friendliness – Solar energy is a renewable resource, and is inexhaustible. For as long as the sun is in the sky, it will be giving off energy that can be captured with solar panels. If the sun is no longer in the sky, we have bigger problems than solar panels. Solar energy also produces no pollution or harmful environmental side effects. Communities surrounding solar panels can feel safer, knowing that the solar panels are helping to keep the earth a safer and healthier place for their children.
  • Conservation – In some communities, businesses using solar shade structures are able to sell the solar energy from the panels that they are not using for their own needs to other businesses or community members. A large solar structure producing a lot of solar energy can result in savings for the whole community.
  • Savings – Businesses save money on their own energy bills with solar power, and may even be profiting from the sale of some of their energy. As a result, they will likely be able to adjust their own finances, and could then be able to pass their savings on to the customer. Without having to cover so much of their own overhead, they will be able to reduce their prices.
What benefits do you see solar parking lots providing? Let us know in the comments.
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